We follow the guidelines and directives laid down by the CBSE. It is our endeavour to follow the National Curriculum Framework (2005) and its guiding principle “LEARNING WITHOUT BURDEN”.
The early years of a child are important for their all-round growth and development. We have carefully curated a curriculum consisting equal balance of academics and activities to develop the skills necessary for a successful and happier future. It carefully hones their social-emotional development whilst building their language and communication skills; it also aids in nurturing early mathematical skills along with generating creativity and curiosity. All these attributes are well packaged with ensuring the physical wellness and developing mental vigour of the children.
We encourage participation by parents and guardians in this learning process, ultimately a happy and wholesome education is our joint effort.
The primary School is the next stage in the child’s education. It is crucial as this is when children step into the world of formal school life. At GTB, we have created a balanced curriculum, imparted by trained and qualified teachers, wherein our students learn about their roles, responsibilities and place in society. They develop creative thinking abilities and master independent learning skills - Critical Thinking, Information Technology, Numeracy & Self-Management.
Physical Education, Art & Craft, Music & Dance are some of the co-scholastic activities carefully crafted in their routine. Our students are exposed to their responsibility towards the environment and a happy, sustainable living.
By this stage our students are able to explore and understand their world; they would have established own will and aptitude for facing hurdles in life. At GTB, decades of experience has led to develop a well-rounded curriculum with methodical and careful inclusion of academics & co-curricular activities best suited for young minds to grow.
We encourage scientific aptitude, critical thinking and problem solving skills keeping it at balance with curiosity, creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Our students develop effective communication skills, cultural competence and hands on learning hones the skills required for their current life and one beyond the school life.